If you are looking for the perfect outdoor PVC blind for your outdoor area, then you may want to get to know about Accolade PVC Weather Screens. Proven and tested in all Australian weather conditions, they are a functional alternative to café blinds and bistro blinds.

The most important thing to look for in PVC blinds is the ability to block out, wind, rain, bugs, maintaining a clarity and most importantly, functional and easy to use. The blinds should also be made of high-quality material, have the ability to insulate your outdoor spaces, have low maintenance or cleaning requirements, and of course fall within your budget.

The best PVC blinds for outdoor spaces should provide a perfect balance between aesthetic value and practical or functional use. Outdoor PVC blinds are not only designed to enhance your lifestyle but to add value to your home as well. You’ll want something with a modern look and feel. If you prefer to have some colour, go for simple neutral colours that match with any home. Dark colours, however, limit your view and the ability to see the beauty of your garden. Most homeowners in Australia prefer clear PVC blinds that are not only durable and sturdy but provide you unrestricted views.

There are numerous types, brands, and materials of outdoor blinds on the market today. It is therefore important to set a budget for what you can comfortably afford. PVC blinds vary in price and quality but if you want the best quality of custom-designed outdoor blinds manufactured in Australia, expect to pay a little more than you would for a low-quality brand. The most important consideration, however, is to find the best PVC blinds that suit your personal needs.

A Better Alternative to Traditional PVC Café and Bistro Blinds

Traditional PVC café and bistro blinds have dominated the market for long but with the emergence of new better quality outdoor blinds, most people are now turning to these stylish and innovative products. A fine example is the Accolade PVC Weather Screen which is made of a solid durable and lightweight aluminium frame and weather resistant PVC material. In this type of innovative outdoor screen, the PVC material is completely stretched and securely held at all frame corners.

The new innovative PVC weather screen performs much better than PVC cafe blinds or other traditional PVC track guided systems. Accolade screens have been in the market since 1999 and continue to dominate the market for PVC outdoor blinds and other outdoor enclosures. More than 15,000 homes in Australia use Accolade screens for their patios and other outdoor screen needs.

They are perfect for all types of outdoor spaces including patios, decking, sunrooms, carports, alfresco areas, pergola, and other outdoor areas. The new type of outdoor screens can be retrofitted to match the outdoor areas. They come in a wide range of configurations to suit your spaces including bi-folding, fixed, multi-stacker sliding, awning, and hinged closing and opening styles. Accolade PVC screens can be used to enclose a patio or enclose a deck because they help to keep the outdoor area warm and provide 30% noise reduction. They are weather resistant, lightweight, clear as glass, shatterproof, and are made of acrylic polycarbonate materials. They are the perfect alternative to the traditional café blinds that Melbourne residents are used to.

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