Accolade Screens Features

Accolade Screens demonstration on its features including glazing options, commercial grade bristle brush, felt sealing to eliminate rattling and our unique locking pin system for top track operated screens.

Accolade Screens Demonstration

A stylish and modern choice for enclosing outdoor areas vs traditional PVC Café Blinds and PVC Bistro Blinds

Bi-Folding Accolade PVC Screens

A unique top track operated system which can be designed to bi-fold outwards, inwards, left OR right hand side. A functional independent door can be used to access the outdoors without moving the entire system. A simpler and easier approach to lifting up and rolling traditional PVC Blinds.

Stacker Sliding Accolade PVC Screens

A multi slide top track operated system (also available with bottom track) designed to slide into a corner. In this example, a total of 3 screens are stacked (there are no restrictions on the amount of screens that can slide, an additional track is simply added)

Accolade Bi-folding screens in the same direction

Bi-folding a group and series of screens to the same direction is possible with Accolade®’s unique tracking system. In this video we show how a total of 5 bi-folding panels can all be opened in the same direction.