An innovative alternative to PVC Cafe Blinds & PVC Bistro Blinds

An Accolade PVC Weather Screen is a solid aluminium frame, with a clear or tinted weather-resistant PVC material that is stretched and held tightly between all corners of the frame. They are designed to weather proof patios, decks, alfresco areas, pergolas and outdoor entertaining areas from the wind, rain and cold. Accolade Screens can be designed in a variety of configurations

  • Bi-Folding
  • Stacker Sliding
  • Fixed
  • Awning

A stylish and innovate alternative to traditional PVC Café Blinds and PVC Bistro Blinds, Accolade PVC Screens are lightweight, affordable and easy to operate. Installing an Accolade Screen system to your outdoor area will create a functional outdoor area which can be used all year round, regardless of the weather. Our PVC has the clarity of glass and will not lose tension under load from strong prevailing winds, allowing uninterrupted views of your backyard, bringing natural light into the area whilst weatherproofing at the same time.

Stop the Wind & Rain Today

Accolade Weather Screens have taken the common problems associated with Café Blinds & Bistro Blinds to develop a modern and improved alternative to the market. Our unique tracking system is backed by a lifetime guarantee and will never rust, seize or corrode in an outdoor environment.

Our lightweight panels can be suspended from the ground and by using our unique locking pin system, can be locked into position without banging or flapping around in high winds.

Our top track system removed unsightly tracks commonly associated with glass panels which improves the overall look and feel of an outdoor area. This is particularly useful as most outdoor areas have uneven ground.

Accolade Screens can be incorporated with mesh panels and internal block out blinds to improve air flow, reduce insects coming into the area and blocking any sun.

Accolade Screens have become the market leader in patio and outdoor enclosures, helping to transform more than 15,000 homes Australia wide.

Whether it is a decking, alfresco area, pergola, sunroom, carport or outdoor area. The team at Accolade can design a tailored package through our no-obligation and one-on-one consultation

Accolade Screens – Patio & Outdoor Enclosures for High Winds and Extreme Weather

Designed with strength and stability in mind, Accolade Screens are manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Unlike PVC Café Blinds and Bistro Blinds, Accolade Screens we can easily span large areas of greater than 10 metres without installing permanent posts, allowing for uninterrupted views when completely open.

The simplicity of the design allows you to open and close your outdoor with minimal fuss, without the need of ropes, pulleys or inconvenient crank systems that are associated with PVC Blinds and most importantly, they don’t bang around in high winds.

Most home owners are familiar with the limitations and problems associated with PVC Café Blinds and Bistro Blinds including;

  • Shaking and movement during high winds
  • Scuffing and creasing on the PVC from rolling up and down
  • Expansion and contraction of the PVC, during warm and cold days – causing issues with zipping mechanisms
  • Inconvenience from bending down and rolling a blind up

The team at Accolade have designed their product to reduce the above issues, allowing you to enjoy outdoor entertaining all year round

Sunrooms, Outdoor weatherproofing, Insect proof enclosures and more

If you only use your backyard for entertaining in summer, then it’s time you changed the way you use your outdoor space, after all, your outdoor area an extension of your living space.

There will come a time when you just have to enclose it due to the unending sun, dust, bugs, birds, and noise. Bad weather conditions should not restrict you from enjoying your patio and alfresco area when you can simply enclose it with patio screens from Accolade.

The characteristics of our clear and tinted PVC will also improve the thermal properties of your outdoor area, allowing it to remain warmer for longer in the cooler months.
Acoustic benefits of around a 25% noise reduction can also be expected with the screens in the closed position.

Accolade Weather Screen can be inserted and glazed with the following materials:

  • Clear PVC
  • Anti-Glare Green Tinted PVC
  • Charcoal Grey Tinted PVC
  • Paw Proof Mesh
  • Midge & Fly Screen Membrane
  • Stainless Steel Security Mesh
  • Sun Block Out Mesh
  • Pet Doors


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