You most definitely love spending time in your outdoor patio but there’ll come a time when you just have to enclose it due to the unending sun, dust, bugs, birds, and noise. Bad weather conditions and environmental disturbances should not restrict you from enjoying your patio and alfresco area when you can simply enclose it with patio screens and PVC outdoor blinds.

Benefits of Enclosing Your Patio and Alfresco Area

There are many benefits of using innovative PVC weather screens to enclose outdoor areas in your home. For instance, a good enclosure system will keep off insects, rain, heavy winds, birds, dust, and the hot Australian sun from your patio and alfresco areas. The enclosure also creates a seamless flow between your outdoor and interior living spaces while protecting your home from the elements.

Other benefits of patio screens include:

The enclosure provides you with additional space that can be used for entertaining guests
Patio screens will protect you from birds, flies, and other annoying insects
You’ll have less cleaning to do when you reduce the amount of leaf debris and dust entering your home
It is an innovative way of creating privacy while maintaining your home’s stunning views
PVC weather screens provide a controlled airflow in your home
Improve your home’s energy efficiency

Protect Your Alfresco Areas

Alfresco is an Italian word that means being “in the cool air.” Most Australians love the cool atmosphere of alfresco dining and usually build alfresco areas in the yard, porch, or patio. Unfortunately, these are areas prone to the effects of bad weather and insects. The best way to protect your alfresco area is simply by enclosing it using high-quality PVC weather screens.

A good example of strong, functional, and durable PVC outdoor blinds for your patio and alfresco area is the Accolade® PVC weather screen. This is an innovative alternative to the traditional PVC Bistro blinds and PVC café blinds of yesteryears. It is a high-quality PVC weather screen made by Accolade®, a leading outdoor screen Melbourne company.

Enclose an Outdoor Area with High-Quality PVC Weather Screens

Accolade® PVC weather screens come with solid aluminium frames normally inserted with strong, clear, and durable weather resistant PVC material. These PVC outdoor blinds provide a stylish and innovative way to protect all outdoor areas in your home such as your patio, alfresco area, decking, sunroom, carport, and any other outdoor area that needs protection from the sun, rain, insects, dust, and wind.

The PVC screens are designed to fit your existing outdoor area and come in different configurations such as Fixed, Bi-Folding, Awning, Multi Stacker Sliding, Hinged, and many more styles.

Besides giving your patio and alfresco area the much needed weather-proofing and protection from bird and insect disturbances, Accolade® PVC weather screens will significantly improve the thermal properties of your home’s outdoor areas. The PVC screens make it possible to maintain your outdoor areas warm and even reduce noise disturbance by up to 30%.


Enclosing your patio and alfresco area should not be a complicated process when you work with the right outdoor screen professional. The cost of installing a high-quality PVC weather screen will pay itself off with the peace, quiet, and energy savings that you get in the long run.

Thinking about installing a PVC Café Blind system. Think Accolade® PVC Wetaher Screens instead, Contact us today to find out how we can weatherproof your outdoor area by organising a free no obligation measure and quote.

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