Outdoor alfresco areas are becoming more common in new home builds, particularly in new residential areas and retirement living. These alfresco areas are often constructed under the existing roof line towards the rear or side of the house, rather than traditional pergola and deck extensions.

These areas are often underutilised due to inclement weather such as strong winds and rain.

A great way to weatherproof these outdoor areas, eliminate the dust and to protect your outdoor furniture is to in install a series of Accolade® PVC Weather Screens.

Due to the size of these areas, we would often recommend a stacker sliding configuration rather than a bi-folding system to maximise the outdoor space when opened.

Installing traditional PVC Café Blind and PVC bistro blind systems to these areas present several issues, such as clarity / PVC creasing from continually rolling up and down a blind, continually bending down to open and close a blind and stability in high winds.

Manufactured with strength and stability in mind, Accolade® PVC Weather Screens are an innovative alternative to PVC Blinds and Ziptrak System. By installing a series of panels, the surface area is greatly reduced resulting in a stronger design which means less rattling and movement. Functional sliding doors mean no more bending up down to lift a PVC blind.

Our stacker sliding configuration also includes felt seal on all frames, reducing draught and aluminium slapping.

In this installation in one of Melbourne’s premier retirement villages, an Accolade® PVC Weather Screens in a stacker sliding configuration was installed. We also have the ability to retro git insect and midge proof screens with all sliding designs, creating a versatile outdoor area which can be enjoyed all year round.

Thinking about PVC Café Blinds and PVC Bistro Blinds? Why not think Accolade® instead!

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