PVC Café Blinds or PVC Bistro Blinds are prone to “banging” around in high winds, particularly on large openings of an outdoor area.

Accolade® Weather Screens are a stylish an innovative alternative to PVC Blinds and are custom made to suit all styles of outdoor areas. Using a series of stainless steel locking pins, each screen is engaged into ground to secure it into position. Unlike a PVC blind, the surface area is significantly reduced, which means there is no slapping around in high winds and no requirement to roll up a blind during high winds.

On this pitched roof outdoor area, the screens towered over 3 meters in height. For such heights, Accolade recommends the use of stiffening bar on all screens to increase strength of the screen (as shown in the pictures). The bar sits around 1 metres from the ground.

Our client opted for a stacker sliding configuration which is highly recommend for tall openings over 3 metres.
By installing Accolade® Weather Screens, our client experienced the below benefits as opposed to a PVC Blind;

i. No shaking, banging around in high winds
ii. No scuffing from continually rolling the blind up – An Accolade® screen remain taunt in the frame providing an improved clarity, similar to that of glass
iii. No expansion and contraction of the PVC causing issues with zips and pulleys
iv. The convenience of sliding a screen vs bending down to roll up a PVC blind

The pitched roof was finished off with a clear polycarbonate infill, allowing all the natural light and providing uninterrupted views through the gable.
On the opposing gable towards the roof, an opal polycarbonate was used for privacy.

To find out how Accolade® Weather Screens can transform your outdoor area today, contact us today to organise a no obligation free measure and quote.

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