Expand your living options with Accolade Weather Screens

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Expand your living options

Extend your entertaining options for every season with Accolade Weather Screens.

It’s time to plan ahead and make outdoor areas an inviting, relaxation haven for whenever you want to entertain with an outdoor focus.

  Create  the  ideal,  outdoor  environment with Accolade Weather Screens, bring life to your outdoor  area at similar pricings to that of café blinds. The screens are designed  with  the harsh, Australian climate  in mind. Weather proofng your outdoor area without spoiling the view.

 Accolade weather Screens can be used to create a weather proof area from existing veranda, carport or pergola, protecting you and your furniture.

Installing the Accolade system does not require additional posts and there are no tracks on the ground. Accolade offers many options including bi-folds, sliding stack and slide and French doors.

The frames are made of powder coated aluminium and glazed in clear, tinted, translucent white PVC, Shadeview mesh and all fxing are made of stainless steel.

Accolade Screen has more options than the alternative Café blinds at similar pricings.


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