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Accolade® Weather Screens is an Australian family owned and operated business who have been in the plastics industry since the 1930s. With Head Office in South Australia, and branches in Melbourne, Queensland and Tasmania, we have transformed thousands of outdoor areas to help Australians enjoy outdoor living all year round.

The formation of Accolade® Weather Screens took place in 1999 to give customers an alternative to the issues experienced with traditional PVC cafe blinds. After more than 5 years of trial and development, the first Accolade ® Weather Screen system was installed and our innovative design was awarded an Australian patent.

At Accolade® Weather Screens, we are passionate about our product and focused on delivering quality service. All of our range is manufactured on site, and our experienced and friendly team will work with you through our step by step design process. We provide a high standard of customer care and our after sales support team are always willing to assist you with your queries.

The team at Accolade® Weather Screens will not only help you weather proof your outdoors, but will also exceed your expectations allowing you to enjoy outdoor living all year round.

“Accolade” is a Registered Trade Mark of Monk Legal Pty Ltd # 1482047

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